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As Akar Dental, we combine cutting-edge techniques for treating patients with the knowledge of our knowledgeable staff.

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As Akar Dental, we provide dental services with our expert doctor staff, our customer-first working principle, and our treatment equipment consisting of advanced technological devices. In addition to following innovative treatment methods thanks to our more than 30 years of dental experience, we keep the success rate of the treatments we apply very high thanks to our well-developed system.

Our clinic, located in Konyaaltı-Antalya in Turkey, has been completely designed following hygiene rules and there are 14 treatment rooms in it. In addition to the natural beauties of our city, our clinic is a 5-minute walk from the sea and has a sea view. We have a working system where you can keep the holiday mood going not only in the city but also in our clinic.

You can explore hobby areas such as gastronomy, Ancient city, trekking, and tourist services by making an appointment at our clinic. We combine the capabilities of the devices of worldwide known brands with the experience we have gained for decades and offer our customers the most comfortable dental treatment center they can get.

Thanks to our budget-friendly pricing, we make the luxury of a perfectly meticulously performed dental operation accessible to everyone. we take care of our patients with whom we offer 24/7 communication opportunities in detail before and after the operation, and we aim to guarantee success in the procedures we perform.

Thanks to our clinic, it is possible to make luxury visits covering world-famous hotels and international cuisines advantageous. You can reach us through our contact addresses, you can have stunning smiles simultaneously with an excellent holiday opportunity.

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