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Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism
As Akar Dental, we offer oral and dental health solutions worldwide.

Health tourism stands out as one of the rising industries in recent years. Today, many patients prefer to be treated outside their home country due to better treatment conditions, more affordable costs, and opportunities to turn the treatment-recovery process into a vacation. Turkey is also one of the rising values in the health tourism industry in recent years.

As Akar Dental, we are also providing oral and dental health solutions worldwide by acting with the vision of contributing to the rising health tourism of our country. If you want to combine a first-class treatment process with a vacation in Antalya, a real tourist paradise, you can contact us immediately.

What is Medical Tourism?

Health tourism means traveling to a country or region for health reasons. For health tourism, people usually travel to get services in areas such as medical treatment, surgical intervention, aesthetic procedures, and oral and dental health. Health tourism has become popular due to the high quality of health services, their low costs, short waiting times, and specialized expertise for certain treatments.

In this sense, it should be emphasized that Turkey is one of the preferred countries, especially when it comes to dental health tourism. Dental treatments, which can be performed at much more affordable prices compared to the USA and Europe, also have as high quality as these regions. This offers important opportunities for health tourists in Europe, especially due to its close location.


Why is Health Tourism Important?


Health tourism provides an opportunity for people to get better health services. People may travel to get better health services in places where health systems are inadequate or require specialized expertise for special treatment. In addition, although healthcare services in Europe and the USA are high in terms of quality, they may have prices that are far from affordable. At this point, dental health tourism is a good option to perform dental treatments at much more affordable prices.

Health tourism ensures that health services are handled with a global approach. As people start to receive health services from different countries, an opportunity arises for the creation and improvement of global standards of health care. Thus, patients can get the treatment they want with better standards and lower waiting times. In addition, it should not be forgotten the economic benefits that health tourism provides to the tourism sector. Besides health services, health tourists visit tourist places and contribute to the local economy.


For What Purposes is Health Tourism Carried Out?

Health tourism means traveling for medical treatments. People travel to other countries or regions to get better medical services at more affordable prices. In this sense, the fact that Turkey is a country where dental treatments are performed at affordable costs and high quality has enabled it to rise in terms of dental health tourism.

However, the only purpose of health tourism is not to be able to get treatment at more affordable costs. Health tourism is a tourist experience combined with health services. People can travel to experience a different culture, visit tourist attractions or learn a foreign language, in addition to receiving treatment or medical services. In this respect, Antalya is a real tourist attraction center with its natural and historical beauties. Therefore, it also stands out as one of the important regions of Turkey for health tourism.


Advantages of Medical Tourism

Health tourism brings with it many advantages for patients, especially when it comes to oral and dental health. The most important of these advantages are as follows:

  • More affordable costs: In some countries, healthcare is quite expensive. Health tourism can offer more affordable prices to people traveling for dental treatments such as implant treatment, and smile design. This is especially useful for people living in countries where treatment costs are high.
  • High quality: Health tourism allows people to get better quality health services. Especially dental health tourism is a developed industry in Turkey. Successful dentists, innovative practices, and advanced technologies are ideal for patients who want to receive world-class health services.
  • Short waiting times: Some countries may have long waiting times for health services. Health tourism allows patients to get health services with shorter waiting times.
  • Vacation Opportunity: Traveling for dental treatment can also be an opportunity to take a vacation. After having your treatment, you can visit the attractions of the country you are traveling to and enjoy your vacation.

Dental treatment is a fairly common health service all over the world and is a service that many people need regularly. But the costs of dental treatment in some countries can be quite high, and therefore many people prefer a different country for dental treatment. In this sense, Turkey is one of the best dental health tourism preferences in recent years, both with its advanced treatment facilities and the advantages it offers.


Medical Tourism in Antalya


Antalya has become a popular destination for medical tourism in recent years. Especially dental treatments have been an important option in terms of health tourism in Antalya. In general, it would not be wrong to say that Turkey is a preferred health tourism destination worldwide with its high quality and affordable prices in dental health services. However, Antalya, along with its current tourist attraction, promises high standards to those who will travel for oral and dental health in this sense.

Dental health services in Antalya are generally preferred by patients from Europe and other countries. Offering high-quality services, low prices, and holiday opportunities, Antalya is ideal for turning the treatment process into a pleasant holiday. Dental health centers in Antalya are managed by experienced dentists and health professionals specialized in dental treatment. In addition, these centers, which are equipped with modern facilities and technological devices, ensure that patients receive treatment comfortably.

As Akar Dental, we offer a wide-ranging service for you to benefit from all these opportunities with peace of mind and to enjoy a pleasant experience during your treatment. Contact us immediately to benefit from our oral and dental health treatments while at the same time discovering the limitless beauties of Antalya.

Turkey is a country that has been developing rapidly in terms of health tourism in recent years. In terms of oral and dental health, the country also offers many advantages to health tourists both in terms of price and quality.

Yes, dental treatment prices in Turkey are quite affordable compared to other European countries. While Turkey promises high-quality dental treatment services, it also offers lower prices compared to other countries.

The quality of dental treatment in Turkey is at a high level by international standards. Dentists provide services using high-technology equipment in modern facilities.

Yes, it is safe to have dental treatment in Turkey. But before having treatment, it is important to do research about the quality of the health institution and choose a suitable health institution. In addition, you should discuss in detail with your doctor your health status before treatment.

Within the scope of dental tourism, treatments such as implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, filling, and aesthetic dentistry are included.

The length of stay required for dental treatment varies depending on the type of treatment and the person’s needs. Some treatments can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several days or weeks. When your dentist determines your treatment plan, we will help you with your travel and vacation plan.

Antalya is one of the most preferred cities for dental tourism in Turkey. Thanks to its tourist attractions, you can turn your dental treatment in Antalya into a real vacation.

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