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You can read the frequently asked question about our treatments down below.

Turkey has taken an important place in dental health tourism in recent years and offers cost-effective and high-quality dental treatment services to many foreign patients. It has a good reputation for dental education and dentists who are recognized worldwide.

Dental treatment in Turkey is more affordable than in many countries. Low clinical costs, competitive pricing, and advantages provided by the exchange rate are some of the reasons for this.

As Akar Dental, we offer you high-quality oral and dental treatment with affordable costs and endless possibilities. You can choose Akar Dental to convert the treatment process into a pleasant vacation.

Akar Dental - FAQ

We addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about our treatments and Antalya. During your treatment, you may have the opportunity to explore the world’s best touristic city, Antalya

We are serving our patients in the Konyaaltı region of Antalya, the tourism paradise of Turkey.

We offer our prices to you after determining the treatment plan you need. However, you can contact us immediately to get information about our general pricing policy.

You can create an appointment for the most suitable date by using any of the channels indicated on our contact page.

As Akar Dental, we bring together the most experienced and successful dentists in Turkey in our team. You can get information about all the members of our team by visiting our Dentists page.

If you have a passport, visa, health reports, and medications that you use constantly for your trip, make sure that you have prescriptions for these medications with you. Also, don’t forget to take your flight ticket with you. After you arrive in Antalya, you will not need a document on other issues, as we will undertake all the treatment and accommodation processes.

There is no need to get extra translation services. We translate your treatment plans and invoices with our expert interpreters for your insurance payments and other needs.

No. We examine our patients free of charge.

For the dental implant application, first of all, the patient’s general health condition must be appropriate. After that, the implant method can be performed with the appropriate treatment method, taking into account factors such as bone density and gum health.

Akar Dental - FAQ

You can see the responses to the most often asked questions about our company, akar dental. Get in contact with us for more information about our treatments!

A non-surgical implant, unlike traditional methods of dental implant application, eliminates the surgical procedure necessary to place the implant into the bone. Thus, since there is no surgical incision, your recovery will take place in a much shorter time.

All-on-4 implant is an implant treatment method in which all missing teeth are replaced with fixed dentures with the help of four implants. In this method, the implants are placed at a special angle to the jawbone, which allows them to be applied even to patients with less bone volume. Later, a bridge prosthesis is made on the implants and the teeth are fixed. In this method, procedures such as tooth extraction, implant placement, and reshaping of jaw bones can be completed in a single session.

In all 6 implant treatments, missing teeth are compensated by using 6 implants. Due to the use of more implants than the All-on-4 method, it requires more bone volume and the treatment process may be longer.

According to the treatment method, we can apply general and local anesthesia. After your first examination, our dentists will inform you about the treatment method to be followed and the type of anesthesia to be applied.

The duration of treatment may vary depending on the treatment method to be applied. As Akar Dental, we plan the most appropriate treatment process for you by arranging the number of sessions and intervals according to your dental health, recovery speed, and your calendar.

Although it varies depending on the treatment method, it can be said that an application session generally lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

We make sure that you get a luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience in Antalya during your treatment process. By making your reservation transactions on your behalf, we ensure that you stay in the best quality tourist hotels in the city.

Certainly. We plan your treatment process together with your holiday so that you can discover the touristic beauties of Antalya.

Yes. We provide interpreter and guide support to avoid communication problems during your treatment and to enjoy the tourist attractions of Antalya.

Although it varies depending on the treatment applied, the possible pain and discomfort after treatment will be minimal. Our dentists will provide you with the necessary recommendations so that you can spend the healing process smoothly and comfortably.

Of course. If you have created an appointment by contacting us after the treatment process, you can continue online check-ups even after returning to your country by contacting our doctors.