Antalya, Turkey

Get the Best Treatment for Your Oral and Dental Health with These Opportunities!

At Akar Dental, we remain by your side during your dental procedure! In this regard, we provide many free services to make you feel safe.

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We provide free treatment and examinations to determine your suitability for dental treatment.
We perform digital scans of your dental anatomy in 2D and 3D without charging a fee to ensure that your treatment is carried out as effectively as possible.
Free Transportation
We completely manage your travel from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to our clinic to ensure that your treatment process is comfortable.
Free Check-Up
We provide a free check-up to determine your oral and dental health problems and prepare the best treatment for you.

Akar Dental is with you at every stage of your dental treatment!

We continue to support you with our free services on all subjects that will support your treatment so that there is no question mark in your mind.

We Provide Counseling Services
You do not need to pay for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.
We identify potential problems without paying extra.
We Examine Your Dental Anatomy
We use advanced imaging techniques at no cost.
We Provide Maximum Comfort
Your transportation after arriving in Antalya is entirely our responsibility.
We Prevent Communication Problems
We allocate free translators so that you do not experience communication problems.
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