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Gummy Smile Correction

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Gummy Smile Correction
Gummy Smile Correction is an aesthetic solution, including gum level alignment for gum disorders. Excessive gum appearance is eliminated with gum contouring treatment.

The term gummy smile is used when the gums appear larger than they should be during a smile. The condition in which the gums under the upper lip are visible by more than 2-3 mm when talking or laughing is called a “gummy smile.” It creates the perception that your teeth are more prominent than they are. 

The gummy smile condition is a significant problem that causes the aesthetic loss of the smile. The area, including aesthetic disorders on the gums, is treated by reducing muscle overreaction that affects the smile. In addition, based on the gender ratio, 14%  of women and 7%  of men suffer from this condition.


What is a Gummy Smile? 

A gummy smile is also called upper gums, that appear when talking or laughing, more than they should. In the case of a gummy smile, it looks as if the teeth and mouth are more prominent than they are. In this case, the individual may feel aesthetic anxiety and discomfort from the appearance of their gums when smiling. General conditions that cause the “gummy smile” condition, and need to be treated are as follows:

  • The smallness of the tooth height.
  • Thin upper lip.
  • Inflammation due to gum diseases.
  • Bone expansion in the outer part of the upper jaw.
  • Gum growths caused by the use of medications such as hypertension medications.
  • Lengthening of teeth or crowns.

In an ideal smile, the gums must appear only about two millimeters, and when they appear more than three or four millimeters, aesthetically, intervention is necessary.


What Causes A Gummy Smile? 


The most important cause of the gummy smile is a vertical maxillary surplus or gingival tissue expansion, which is the vertical overgrowth of the upper jaw. When you smile, it causes gaps between the upper lips that expose the gums. On the other hand, the structure of the short upper lip, the wrong tooth angle, and the thick gum tissue are the reasons that negatively affect the smile. Other problems that can cause a gummy smile include:

  • Overgrowth of Gingival Tissue Covering The Teeth

    Overgrowth of gingival tissue causes individuals’ teeth to appear shorter than they are. It may occur due to genetic factors, some medications used, or gingivitis.

  • Hyperactive Lip Muscle

    Some upper lip muscles typically move too much. As a result, the muscles managing the skin under the nose are lifted upward. It is usually a genetic condition and can be treated with Botox injections for a gummy smile.

  • Development of Mouth and Tooth Structure

    The development of teeth and jawbones can also be an important factor. Structural problems, especially in the upper jaw, cause the smile to deteriorate. It is corrected with braces or by utilizing a removable aligner. 


Types of Gummy Smile Treatments 

If the patient doesn’t experience sensitivity or pain during the procedure, a local anesthetic medication may be applied to the area where the Gummy Smile treatment will be performed. Two gummy smile injections, which are typically sufficient to numb with the local anesthetic cream, are typically used to the proper point. This allows patients to resume their daily activities within one to two hours.

  • Laser Gum Shaping

    In this procedure, which moves the gum line to a high height, the gum is cut using laser technology. Thanks to the laser, bleeding is minimized during the operation, and recovery is maximized.

  • Reverse Vestibuloplasty

    This method aims to locally narrow the free space between the lip and gingiva. In this way, the lip will move less, reducing the undesirable appearance. Although it is not a very advanced surgery, sensitivity can happen. 

  • SRP Treatment

    The dentist may use a scaling and root planing procedure if gum tissue growth is being triggered by inflammation. When the main problem is treated, whether the gum is suitable for laser shaping can be understood.

  • Injection Method

    If the hyperactive upper lip muscle causes the deterioration of the smile, your dentist may recommend Botox. Gummy Smile Botox treatment includes reducing the pulling up of the muscles, which affects the position of the lips and their function, which is directly related to the lips. With this method, you can make your upper lip look lower.

    Thanks to the anesthesia administered before the procedure, the patient does not feel any sensitivity or pain. Approximately after the healing time takes 10-15 days, patients can start seeing the difference in their smile between before and after. 


Who is Suitable for a Gummy Smile? 

The Gummy Smile Botox treatment is not recommended for women who have a muscle disease, are pregnant, are lactating, or have patients with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia. Other than these, there is no circumstance in which the Gummy Smile application is inconvenient for anyone. So others who do not experience the issue mentioned above can easily choose this cosmetic treatment option.

  • After the gummy smile application, it should be noted that:
  •  For the first 1-2 hours, no water should be applied to the implementation area.
  •  Any products other than those your dentist recommends should not be used on the gums during healing time.
  • Any activity that may cause any disorders to the gum area, such as massaging, should not be performed for the first five days.

Also, excessive alcohol or smoking use should be avoided, because it dilates the blood vessels, which can cause problems during the procedure. 


Benefits of Gummy Smile Treatment 

The Gummy Smile botox treatment gives patients quick, aesthetic results and provides satisfied customers. The treatment always takes about 15-30 minutes, and only slight discomfort is felt when the injections are performed. The gummy smile process is quite comfortable, when performed by injection because incision is unnecessary. Patients who come to our clinic can easily return to their daily lives after the procedure.


Why Choose Turkey for Gummy Smile Treatment? 

To ensure a successful procedure, only medical professionals should administer Gummy Smile botox or other procedures. By selecting our clinic for gummy smile treatment in Turkey, you may leave the process to the dentists and surgeons who are professionals in their field, and then return to your daily life with a sparkling smile. 

The duration of the Gummy Smile treatment is determined by the method chosen. With Botox, the process takes about 10 minutes, and with a laser, it takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

The treatment for a gummy smile causes no discomfort or pain because anesthetic techniques are used. Botox is used for laser therapy and anesthetic spray for local anesthesia.

The appropriate method of gummy smile treatment is decided according to the patient’s expectations and the doctor’s opinion.

The gummy smile procedure has no side effects on children or adults. However, gummy smile treatment is recommended for people who have completed tooth development.

Genetic reasons or different conditions can cause a Gummy smile. In both cases, the treatment is simple and effective.

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