Antalya, Turkey

Dr. Dt. Mehmet Çakacı

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Mehmet Çakacı was born in Isparta in 1978. He is an individual who is skilled communicator and pays close attention to intricate details during complex dental surgical operations for individuals of all ages that makes him to understand patients' needs and expectations which contributes him to be an advanced surgeon in his field.

Mehmet Çakacı is a dedicated and skilled dentist-surgeon with a relentless pursuit of excellence in various surgical procedures. Having graduated from dentistry with a focus on providing comprehensive oral healthcare, Mehmet has honed his expertise in specialized areas such as dental implant surgery, bone grafts, impacted tooth extractions, All-on-four / All-on-six applications, jaw joint treatments, Botox applications in dentistry, sinus surgery, and surgical treatment of jaw cysts and tumours. Utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, he has successfully transformed smiles and restored oral functionality for countless patients. Mehmet’s commitment to continuous education and staying updated with the latest advancements in dentistry reflects his passion for surgical excellence and patient-oriented care, earning him the trust and gratitude of numerous patients.



Nuh. Cement A.D.S.M
2009 - 2011Kocaeli
75.Yıl A.D.S.M
2011 - 2013Ankara
Yıldırım Oral and Dental Health
2013 - 2020Antalya
Mehmet Çakacı Jaw Surgery Clinic
2020 - PresentAntalya
Akar Dental Clinic
2023 - PresentAntalya

Congress & Certificates

TDA - International Dental Congress 2022 - İstanbul
Dentistry Botox Applications Course 2019 - Istanbul
MIS Implant Training Seminar 2019 - Antalya 1st International Dentistry Summit 2019 - Fethiye
Current Approaches in Same Day Implant Procedures Conference 2017 - Antalya
Aesthetic Solutions in Patient-Specific Abutments for Implant-Supported Prosthetics Conference 2017 - Antalya
Hard and Soft Tissue Implant Surgeries Course 2018 - Ankara
Bone Augmentation Procedures in Implant Surgery Conference 2017 - Antalya
12th Implatech Advanced Implantology Seminar 2013 – Antalya