Antalya, Turkey

Chief Physician Dr. Hasan Kançeltik

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Chief Physician Dr. Hasan Kançeltik

Head Dt. Hasan Kançeltik’s educational and specialized training journey is as follows:

Our Head Dentist, Hasan Kançeltik, was born in Burdur in 1966. He completed his high school education at Adana Stock Market High School. Mr. Kançeltik holds his university certificates from department of Dentistry at İstanbul University (1985 – 1990). Head Dt. Hasan Kançeltik is a invidiual who believes that the well-being and healthy continuation of human life depend on the treasure trove of knowledge we possess. He is committed to learning and self-improvement, dedicating himself to serving humanity. Mr. Kançeltik has been providing advanced dental treatment solutions in the field of prosthetic dentistry and complex operative dentistry since 1993 for his patients in his own dental clinic. Head Dt. Hasan Kançeltik is married and the father of 1 daughter and 3 sons.

Head Dt. Hasan Kançeltik is an exceptional dentist with extensive experience in advanced dental procedures. His meticulous approach and attention to detail have made him a sought-after experienced in dental implant surgery, delivering successful and long-lasting results. Head Dt. Kançeltik’s skill in creating personalized Hollywood Smiles or Smile Makeovers based on individual facial anatomy sets him apart, crafting stunning and natural-looking smiles that enhance each patient’s appearance. Additionally, his proficiency in Gum Level Redesigning, orthodontics, bone grafts, impacted tooth extractions, and All-on-four / All-on-six applications have helped countless patients improve their oral health and boost their confidence. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Mr. Kançeltik also offers jaw joint treatments and utilizes Botox applications in dentistry to address various dental concerns while enhancing facial aesthetics. Head Dt. Kançeltik’s commitment to continuous learning and incorporation of advanced techniques like Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), and Implant Bio-Stimulation (IBS) further ensure exceptional care. With a focus on comprehensive treatment and patient safety, Mr. Kançeltik has also excelled in sinus surgery and surgical treatment of jaw cysts and tumors. Head Dt. Hasan Kançeltik’s dedication to providing exceptional dental care leaves his patients with radiant smiles and improved oral health.



Hasan Kançeltik Dental Clinic
1993 - PresentBurdur
Akar Dental Clinic
2023 - PresentAntalya

Congresses & Certificates

SUNRAY PRF, CGF, Mesotherapy Training Congress
VALERIE PATRICIA Istanbul Advanced Orthodontics Congress
IMPLATECH Italy Advanced Dental Surgery Congress
DIO Implant Congress
IBS South Korea Congress (Implant Bio-Stimulation)
MEDYA YAYIN GROUP Botox and Orthodontics Training Congress
IBS Prague Kemal Aydemir Bone Augmentation Training
TEKKA France 3G Global Implantology Congress
NTA Moscow Advanced Surgical Congress
IBS Prague Advanced Surgical Congress